Lead Acid Battery Charger with Current Limit

Lead Acid battery charger

The Lead Acid battery charger is based at charging voltage 2.4 V per cell, according to many manufacturers recommendations’. Pulse  circuit the battery under charge with 14.4 V (6 CEUs x2.4 V per cell) at 120 Hz.

This Lead Acid battery charger design provides current limiting to protect the internal components battery charger circuit while limiting the charging rate to prevent severe damage to discharged lead-acid batteries. The recommended maximum charging time is typically about a quarter of the value of ampere-hour battery. For example, the maximum battery charging current to an average of 44 ampere-hour is 11 A. If the impedance of the load requires a larger charging current of 11 A current limit, the circuit will go into current limit. The amplitude of the charging pulse is controlled to maintain maximum peak charging current of 11 A (8 on average A).

Lead Acid Battery charger with current limit parts list :
R1 : 11.9K
R2 : 2.5K
RB : 200 ohm
Rcl : 0.227 ohm 30 W
D1, D2 : 1N1183
Z1, Z2 : TL431
Q1 : TIP642
T1 : TRIAD F-275 U115 V Primary : 40 V / 10 A Center tap secondary

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