Xbox 360 Power Supply by Intec

Intec xbox 360 psu

In the market there is an Xbox 360 power supply made ​​by Intec, which is designed specifically for use suited with the Xbox 360. Novelty has several features that are not available on the normal network Xbox 360 adapter. In particular, the device has a built-in cooler that promises to reduce the operating temperature of the platform, three LED-indicator, informing you of the state apparatus, and the half-meter cable.

Connected device is simple and requires no additional configuration. Xbox 360 Power Supply from INTEC sold in the market not more than U.S. $ 100 and comes with no wires connected to the outlet.

Product Features :

  • 5-feet 6-inches long
  • Features an internal cooling fan to avoid overheating
  • LED status lights indicate when it’s on stand-by, malfunction, or normal function mode
  • Designed and built to original Xbox 360 specifications
  • Internal Cooling Fan, Which Prevents Overheating

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