12V DC Power Supply without Transformer

These are 12V DC power supply circuit which designed without transformer (trafo). These circuit use capacitive reactance instead of resistance; and it doesn’t generate very much heat.The circuit draws about 30ma AC. Always use a fuse and/or a fusible resistor to be on the safe side. The values given are only a guide. There should be more than enough power available for timers, light operated switches, temperature controllers etc, provided that you use an optical isolator as your circuit’s output device.

12V PSU without transformer

Transformerless power supply 12v

dc power supply 12v without trafo

12v dc powersupply transformerless

Warning!!! : This circuit is potentially dangerous! If your electricity comes with a “live” wire and a “neutral”, the neutral is usually connected to the earth. Sometimes there is no neutral at all and you have 3 phase wires, with 115V to 240V between two phases. If you form a conductive path to the earth and you touch one of those phase (“live”) wires, this can be lethal!

Only work on a project like this if you know what you are doing, this is nothing for beginners!

Power supply is an electronic device that supplies electric energy to an electrical load. The primary function of a power supply is to convert one form of electrical energy to another and, as a result, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. Some power supplies are discrete, stand-alone devices, whereas others are built into larger devices along with their loads. Examples of the latter include power supplies found in desktop computers and consumer electronics devices.

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