Multi Purpose Bench Power Supply

Multi Purpose Bench Power Supply

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Multi Purpose Bench Power Supply

This bench Power Supply features three solid-state DC power supplies:

  1. The first supply gives a variable output of positive 1.5 to 15 volts at up to 1 ampere.
  2. The second gives a negative 1.5 to 15 volts at 1 ampere.
  3. The third has a fixed 5V at 3 amperes.

All supplies are fully regulated. A special IC circuit keeps the output voltage within .2V when going from no load to 1 ampere. The output is fully protected from short circuits. This supply is ideal for use in school labs, service shops or anywhere a precise DC voltage is required.

Power supply is an electronic device that supplies electric energy to an electrical load. The primary function of a power supply is to convert one form of electrical energy to another and, as a result, power supplies are sometimes referred to as electric power converters. Some power supplies are discrete, stand-alone devices, whereas others are built into larger devices along with their loads. Examples of the latter include power supplies found in desktop computers and consumer electronics devices.

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